Order Tracking System

Advanced work order tracking system

Advanced work order tracking system is the right application to help service providers organized your team in a certain work order more easily, despite of any field you are in: web developer, freelancer, graphic designer, agency, construction, reparation, etc.

You can determine each phase in a work order based on your work flow, and of course your client will be able to monitor the progress of their order. You can receive work order requests from your client, and following it up directly from this system. Features in this application are:

1. Work Order management with work flow/ /dynamic work phase.
2. Task management, schedule, finance (income, expense, invoice), file attachment, sending PDF invoice by email.
3. Team member management as a member in work order.
4. Access right management for every member in work order.
5. Mail box feature (compose message, inbox, outbox).
6. A very reliable invoicing system to minimize error in recording and sending bills as well.
7. Client dashboard to facilitate your client monitoring work order development.
8. Audit Trails feature which record every user’s activity in the system.
9. Translation ready.
10. Mass mail sending to clients and admin.
11. Full calendar integrated.
13. And many more features which made this system very useful to facilitate your business. As for features addition in the future will be done regularly, and please feel free to give feedback for addition or correction to this system.

This application used SMVC PHP framework which is very flexible, so that you can easily customize if needed.