offsite/onsite/online Backup



The data that you hold for your business is without doubt your most valuable asset.

All of your customer’s data, suppliers and sales information, imagine what would happen if all this were to be lost !

Protect your business by automatically backing this data up to a secure offsite location each night…

Our online backup service will automatically run a backup of your data, zip this up and upload it to our secure servers. You can set up email notifications to inform you of a backup’s success or failure each time it runs


Simply running backups on-site is putting all of your eggs in one basket. Unreliable backup media or staff who forget to run the backups may be the downfall of your disaster recovery plan.

Our online Backup Service is designed to automatically backup your critical business data. Off-site data storage means your data is safe should the worse ever happen (e.g. fire, flood or theft) and ensures your investment in data remains protected.