Android App Development

The advancement in mobile hardware technology, 3G to 4G network services and introduction of Android as a mobile OS have transformed mobile phones into general purpose devices which in turn has shifted everybody’s focus towards mobile app developers. In a few year to come, most of the growth in the software industry will come from mobile applications and Android is leading the innovation.

Keeping this in mind, We at ITControl offer Industrial training in Android development which provides a hands-on experience in designing and building simple to sophisticated Android apps. The training explains the philosophy of developing for android through application building sessions from experienced professionals making way to enhance your skills to suit the current industrial needs. By the end of the training, each candidate will be registered in google as an Android developer and have at least one app published in google play store in their name which provides a solid foundation to establish themselves as an Android developer..

Android Training Outline Basic


  • The Android Operating System
    • Mobile Form Factors
    • Versions of Android
    • Applications and APK Files
    • Process Architecture
    • The Role of Java
    • Hello, Dalvik
    • What’s In, What’s Out
    • Services
    • User Interface
    • Memory and Storage
    • Operating-System Services
  • Android Development
    • The Android SDK
    • The SDK and AVD Managers
    • Configuring the Emulator
    • Eclipse
    • Resources
    • APK Files
    • Build Process
    • The R Class
    • Assets
    • The Dalvik Debug Monitor Server
    • The Android Debugger (adb)
    • The Android Log and LogCat
  • Applications
    • Activities and Fragments
    • Activity Lifecycle
    • The onCreate Method
    • Layouts and Views
    • The findViewById Method
    • Tasks and the “Back Stack”
    • Intents and Results
    • startActivity and Related Methods
    • Custom Application Classes
    • Shared Application State
  • User Interface Design
    • XML Layouts
    • Layout Parameters
    • The Box Model
    • Gravity
    • The LayoutInflater Service
    • Views and Adapters
    • Form Widgets
  • Working with Lists
    • AdapterView and Subclasses
    • ListView and ListAdapter
    • ListFragment
    • Spinner and SpinnerAdapter
    • Handling Item Selection
    • Custom Adapters
  • Graphics and Low-Level Events
    • Handling Size and Orientation Changes
    • Handling Touch Events
    • Working with Drawables
    • Bitmap Drawables
    • Custom Drawables
    • The Drawing Cache and Working with Bitmaps
  • Local Storage
    • The Android File System
    • Internal Storage
    • File Formats
    • Parsing JSON
    • Storage and the Application Lifecycle
    • External Storage
    • Private Storage vs. Public Media
    • Permissions
    • Preferences Resources
    • The PreferencesFragment
    • The PreferencesManager
    • Reading Preferences
  • Develop a project

Participant Profile:
This course is valuable for programmers and software engineers who are interested in learning to develop mobile application
Difficulty Level:
Applicable Job Roles:
Web programmers, and Desktop application developers, Mobile developer.


Course Duration and Fee: 45 days
Schedule: 2 Days a Week