Web Development

Web design training courses have many objectives. These are the most important:

To produce web site designers whose work far exceeds the industry standard To develop companies’ in-house capability in business critical web technologies To enhance companies’ strategic independence and profitability by adhering to official website design standards

Any moderately talented clerical worker should be capable of commercial quality web pages after attending a basic website design training course. Which is why we are surprised that so many companies still outsource web site design to excruciatingly expensive PR agencies who often know less about the technology than averagely web savvy clerical workers.

Contrary to popular opinion, the ‘secrets’ of good web site design aren’t difficult to learn, are easy to apply, and are not remotely secret. The principles are all well documented in publicly available international standards. Our website design training courses teach students those standards and how to use them.

In most cases, expensive website design software and ‘application servers’ are quite unnecessary. All of the tools required, and especially the most productive tools, are freely available as open source software packages.

Our Main Web Development Training Titles :

Web Designing

PHP Web Development 

ASP.net Web Development