Duration: 3 Months
Class Timings: (Three Days a week)
Evening 04:00 pm to 05:30 pm
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Student Benefits: – Student Manual
– MicroSoft IT Academy Course Complition Certificate

C#.NET – Windows Forms Applications

Programming Concepts

  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Introduction to programming in C#
  • Object, Overloading & Inheritance Concepts
  • Loops, Arrays, Sessions
  • Decision Structures and Debugging
  • Windows Application

Introduction to Windows Desktop Application Programming

  • Understanding Forms and Controls
  • Classes & Objects
  • Building Simple Calculator

Database Application Using Windows Forms

  • Understanding SQL Server Database
  • Connecting your Application with Database
  • Data Handing/Manipulating Class in C#.Net
  • Understanding Data Grid
  • Building Simple Contact Directory Application

SQL Server Data Handling

  • Data Manipulation Brief Overview and examples
  • Data Relational Overview
  • Database Normalization

Crystal Report Handling

  • Report Designing
  • Report Control Overview
  • Report Mapping with Windows Form Application

File Handing with C#.Net

  • Understanding StreamReader Class
  • Understanding StreamWirter Class
  • Data Handling using Text File
  • Simple File Reading/Writing Application

ASP.NET with C#.NET – Web Forms Applications

Introduction to HTML

  • HTML Elements (Head, Title and Body)
  • Comments, Paragraphs, LIST item & Breaks
  • HTML headings
  • Simple HTML Static Page Designing

Working with CSS

  • CSS Selectors, ID’s and Classes
  • Div and Span Tags
  • Fonts Styles
  • The cascade, Inheritance & Specificity
  • Using images in CSS
  • Document flow
  • Positioning (Absolute, Relative, Static & Float)

Introduction to Web Development

  • ASP.NET Web Application
  • Rendering HTML with Server Controls

Working with Controls

  • Introduction to Web Controls
  • Simple Input Controls
  • Hyperlink and Button Controls
  • List Controls

Data Binding

  • Three tier architecture and encapsulation
  • Introducing Data Source Controls
  • Overview of ADO.NET
  • Connecting to Data
  • Working with Data

Working with SQL Server 2012

  • Database Concepts
  • Introduction to SQL
  • Select, Insert, Update and Delete
  • Stored Procedure, Views and Triggers

Displaying Data with the Grid-view Control

  • Introduction the Grid-view Control
  • Filter Data in the Grid-view Control
  • Allow Users to Select from drop down list in the Grid
  • Tree view

Validating User Input

  • Introduction of JavaScript
  • Validation and Client-Side controls
  • Exceptions in JavaScript
  • Overview of ASP.NET Validation Controls
  • Using the Simple Validators
  • Summarizing Results with the Validation Summary Control
  • Separating Validation into Validation Group

Themes and Master Pages

  • Creating a Consistent Web Site
  • Master Pages

Managing State

  • Preserving State in Web Applications
  • Page-Level State
  • ASP.NET Session State
  • Storing Objects in Session State
  • Configuring Session State
  • Application State